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Photos - Explore images from around the world

Get inspiration for your next trip or travel destination whilst exploring photos from around the world. To do this, simply move the map to the desired location and zoom in or out to view more or fewer pictures respectively. Use the info 'i' box to view the associated route or viewpoint, which you can then add to your collections.

Activating the photo layer

You can activate the photo layer in all the different map windows we have on the platform, i.e. the Route Finder and Route Planner, on the main map at the top of the home page and within the detailed map view of any route. Select the map layer icon in the lower right corner of the window. The photos function can then be found under "Additional layers". This is where you also deactivate the function.

The photo layer enables you to view images specific to a region. This gives you some first impressions of what to expect of an area or region whilst making your travel plans. Photo locations you especially like can be incorporated into your route planning. 

Viewing content linked to a photo

A click on the thumbnail image will open a full-sized view of the photo. There you can use the info 'i' in the top left corner to access relevant details, such as the exact position and the content the image is linked to.

A photo can have one or more items of content associated with it, depending on where and how it was was added. The practicality of this is that that you are able to find the route or viewpoint from where the photo was taken- and maybe visiti yourself.  

The full-sized view also opens a gallery with additional images from the photo layer.

Good to know

The photo layer does not show all photos hosted on our platform. It is limited to geo-referenced images that are relevant to that section of the map. Our algorithm is programmed in such a way that it first displays landscape images and takes care to distribute them equally across the map.

This means that only a selection of images of a place or an attraction are displayed. When making its selection, the algorithm searches for specific keywords in the description of the images. 


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