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What is "Media"?

To provide a better overview of all your uploaded images and videos, you can view all your media in a gallery under "My page"> "Media". This includes not just everything you have uploaded to your own content, such as routes, points and current conditions, but also what you have posted in response to content created by others.

Accessing more information on your media

By putting the photo or video into a full-screen view, you will be able to access the info 'i' in the upper left corner, which, in turn,  lets you view further details, such as the photo or video's exact location (provided georeference is available) and the item of content it is linked to. Any photo or video can be linked to one or more items of content. The full-screen view will also open a bar at the bottom of the screen that displays additional thumbnail images.

This view is currently only available on the website, not in the app.

Managing and deleting your media

Media in your website profile can be displayed and sorted by “day”, “month”  and “all media”.

The white editing icon in the upper right corner of each thumbnail lets you make changes to or remove the caption, add a description or specify copyrights.

Deleting your photo or video entirely from your media gallery is also an option, which will also see it removed from all the linked content and the Platform as a whole. To do this, go to your media on the website and click on the pencil icon for "edit" → delete on the top right of the image. In the app, you can delete single images or multiple images at once from your media. To delete single images go to your media, tap the image → "edit" (pencil icon) on the top right of the page → delete. To delete multiple images at once, tap one of the images a little longer → now you can select all the images you want to delete → tap the trash can icon on the top right.  If you are choosing to remove a photo/video from an item of content, but do not want to delete it from your media gallery, use the edit mode of the corresponding content and remove the media there.

Is your media public or private?

To check the privacy status of your uploaded media, look for the small white closed lock symbol on the photo/video. If no lock can be seen, this means the photo/video has been published on the platform and is visible to everyone. If a closed lock symbol appears, the photo/video is set to unpublished and can only be viewed by you.

Clicking on the edit symbol enables you to set the status of your photo/video. Opting for a media to remain unpublished, sets it to private in general for all linked content, thus meaning it is only visible to you. The lock symbol will be allocated and the image remains in your gallery.

Good to know

If you add media to your own unpublished content (e.g. a route), it too will be unpublished. Only by publishing this content will the media become visible to the Community.  

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